Frequently asked questions, and their answers.



Q: Will you paint commissioned work?

A: Not as such. I am not interested in doing "work-for-hire". However, from time to time, I have developed an existing field study into a larger painting at the request of a client or painted at the location of clients choice.


Q: Is that painting (insert title here) still available?

A: If it appears in the "Available" or "Studio Gallery" section, then it may be. Contact me, or the gallery listed under the thumbnail image, for the most up to date availability info. The works appearing in the "In private Collections" are SOLD. They are included on the site so that visitors can see a broader body of my work.


Q: I missed out on a painting I really wanted. Will you paint another one just like it?

A: No. The only time I "duplicate" paintings is when developing a field study into a larger painting, and even then the larger piece is not a duplicate in the true sense, but rather a fresh interpretation of the sketch. I certainly will listen to what moved you about a certain painting and approach the subject again with a new vision. Sometimes, I have studies not shown of various work, so feel free to ask.  


Q: Do you sell directly from your website?

A: Yes. Visit the studio gallery to see what is available from me. Normally, the selected paintings are smaller works or studies.  If a painting is available at a gallery then I will help get you in contact with the appropriate person. Please keep in mind that I will not undersell my galleries and I am proud of my representation through them.   


Q: What materials do you use?

A: PAINT: I use Gamblin Artist Oil paints and Winsor & Newton for my base colors. Basically a warm and a cool version of Red, Yellow and Blue along with white  ( Cadmium Yellow Light, Lemmon Yellow, Ultramarine Blue, Colbalt Blue, Alizarin Crimson,  Cadmium Red Light and Titanium White) - Yellow Ochre and Sap Green are among the other colors I sometimes use.

MEDIUM: I use Weber Odorless Turpenoid to get the paint moving, but finish most work with straight paint.

I use Winsor & Newton Liquin or Gamblin's Galkyd over dry paintings if I want to rework areas and get that wet paint feeling back. I varnish with Gamblin's Gamvar or Damar after they are dry or spray them with a temporary varnish to get the deep color back.  

BRUSHES: I use Rosemary brushes Ivory Long Flats ( synthetic bristle ) various sizes around a 5-8. I also use Richeson Signature brushes ( Chinese bristle ) also flats in same sizes. Ace Hardware makes a cheapo disposable brush that I use when I really want to load on the paint or add texture.

CANVAS: I use Centurion Oil primed Linen panels or glue Centurion Linen to birch plywood. I occasionally work on universally primed cotton canvas, but most of the time I regret it. It just doesn't have the same feel or look as the oil primed linen does. 
FIELD EQUIPMENT: I use a wood panel holder and box with a glass tray that I designed myself. It attaches to a Manfrotto carbon fiber tripod. I also use Artwork Essentials EasyL pochade box.


Q: Do you teach workshops or demo?

A: Occasionally. At present none are scheduled. If and when I do offer a workshop or demo, this website will be the first place you will hear about it.  Please sign up for my newsletter for the most up to date information.


Q: Are any of your paintings available as prints?

A: No. For the present, and forseeable future, I have chosen to sell original, one-of-a-kind paintings exclusively.


Q: What artists have influenced you?

A: I love many of the contemporary painters working today, but I have to answer this with the members of the Outdoor Painters Society. My wife told me about a Quick draw event sponsored by them and I went and watched my first oil painting being created right before my eyes. I was hooked. The members invited me in and I have learned so much from all these guys. They have all become close friends and I thank them for that.  If you don't belong to a painting should. Visit our site and you will be influenced too!


Q: How can I see more of your work?

A: I do have a BlogFacebook page and Instagram page about my art or you can sign up for my newsletter and I will send you all the latest information.